Drinking is fun. Spending money is not.

Luckily drinking at home is much cheaper than going out. You can buy a bottle of liquor for the same price as a fancy cocktail at a bar and you can do it in your pajamas.


There seems to be a spectrum in the world of home mixology,  one side you have the liquid nitrogen wielding top-shelf measured by the drop cocktail master and on the other you have cheap beer in a plastic up.

Not that there’s anything wrong with either of those but I think there’s a lot of room in the middle.

I don’t have fancy skills but I like playing with flavor. I’ve got lots of books with more detail than you’ll ever need. Instead I’m here to share easy, fool-proof recipes and techniques that you can pull off.

Stop being intimidated by jiggers and dilutions and best ice cube shape for shaking a martini  and enjoy yourself. You don’t need anything fancy to start playing with alcohol.

I drink most of my cocktails out of mason jars and it’s not a gimmick. I do a lot of canning and I store them in the dishwasher so they’re always on hand. Fancy glasses are fun and a pain in the ass to store but I save them for the Pinterest glamour shots.

Grab some ice, a few bottles of booze and have fun!