Shot Recipes

Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!

four shot glasses lined up on a white tile filled with different Christmas shots with red glitter snowflakes, red Christmas ornaments and a metallic red and green Christmas garland in the background

Now that I’m showing my age, and probably your age if you’re old enough to buy booze legally, lets chat about shots for a second. 

Shots tend to be strong, tiny and always make me think of college. Not that I went out a lot, I think I hit 5 parties total and 4 were the yearly parties my neighbors held in my garage. 

I like making shots because they’re fun, bite sized and if they suck it doesn’t really matter because it’s gone by the time you figure it out. I suppose any drink can be a shot if you try hard enough…

skeleton hand holding a shot glass filled with a Bone Daddy Halloween Shot over a red blood splatter coaster on a black background with spooky black branches

Obviously you can do shots straight from the bottle, watermelon vodka was my go-to in college, but where is the fun in that? Let’s mix it up with some new shot recipes whether you’re drinking with a few friends or trying your hardest to relive those college days (don’t do it, your liver can’t take it!)