Five Reasons Cocktails are Better than Wine

I’m not trying to start a fight but… Cocktails are better than wine.

Cranberry and lime cocktail on the rocks in a rocks glass against a black background

Gasp! Yup I said it.

Of course you’re free to hate me and send me angry emails but first hear me out. I’m not going to post inflammatory headlines and then walk away, this isn’t Facebook after all.

I think cocktails are better than wine because you have more variety, it’s cheaper, less waste, booze is way more versatile and cocktail shakers are easier than corkscrews.

I’m not anti-wine.

I’ve even shared some recipes using wine like my Winter White Wine Spritzer and Strawberry Wine Sangria. But I think it’s pretty boring to stick with one thing when there is a whole world out there to explore.

That’s really why I started this site. I wanted to put mixed drinks and hard liquor back on the table, so to speak, for everyone.

You don’t have to be a frat boy to drink beer (Beer Mimosa!) or a pirate to drink rum (Rumchata Mousse!).

two tall shot glasses filled with pumpkin spice latte shots topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon on a mottled tile back ground with cinnamon sticks, a fabric pumpkin, Fulton's harvest pumpkin liqueur, kapali coffee liqueur and whipped cream in the background

I also want you to see it as a way to have fun with life and even poke fun at yourself. At 30 I’ve fully embraced the fact that I’m basic as hell and you can pry the PSL Shots out my cold dead hands.

Guys can drink sweet fruity drinks and chicks can drink whisky; not me, but other girls, I promise.

Enough mission statement, lets get in to the real reason you’re here. Five reasons Cocktails are better than wine:

More Variety

top view of a grasshopper shot with chocolate pieces and mnit leaves on a natural tile background

There may be a billion different bottles of wine out there but they don’t hit a very wide flavor spectrum, at least not compared to the world of hard liquor and flavored liqueurs.

You can’t find Jalapeno, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice or Chocolate Mint flavors in the world of wine. Any mood you find yourself in can be matched by some type of mixed drink.


Even drinking cheap wine can add up, I know that because I only drink cheap wine. Drinking not cheap wine? Oh man, $50+ for six glasses of wine? No thanks. 

The servings are smaller and the bottles are bigger so booze just goes further. You can get a lot of mileage from a single bottle of rum.

Mixed drinks when you’re out can run a pretty penny, so the best solution is clearly to make them yourself.

Liquor also lasts forever, if you open a bottle of wine you get maybe a week to drink it. That bottle of rum sitting in the cabinet will outlive you unless you kill it first.

No Waste

If you open a bottle of wine and you don’t like it you’re pretty screwed. Unless you doctor it up, maybe make a sangria or wine spritzer?

You know add some other flavors to balance things and make it delicious. Which takes it into cocktail territory…

As long as you avoid the bottom shelf of questionably cheap liquor you shouldn’t have any trouble finding some type of cocktail or dessert for a lonely bottle of booze to call home.

Adding bitters, fruit juice, soda or even more booze can take something meh and completely change it amazing.

More Versatile

top view of glass of rumchata mousse with a spoonful scooped out on a spoon sitting on a mottled tile with sprinkles cinnamon and broken up pieces of vanilla pizzelle

You can put booze in coffee! Tell me that’s not magic. Bailey’s, Rumchata, Peppermint Schnapps, there are countless liqueurs that would be happy to replace your coffee creamer.

And while it’s not technically a cocktail (is a pudding shot a cocktail?) booze is not out of place in a cheesecake or pudding or bread.

You’ve got shots, cocktails, hell you can put it in chocolates or use it to marinate a steak or glaze carrots. The sky is the limit when you have a few bottles of booze.

Cocktail Shakers are Easier than Corkscrews

silver cocktail shaker pouring rum, pineapple juice, midori, blue Curacao into a clear skull glass filled with crushed ice with two maraschino for eyes on a black surface

I have giant man hands and I still struggle from time to time with a corkscrew. Liquor bottles are almost all twist tops and I’ve yet to have one beat me ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s also way more fun. Which should probably be a reason in it’s own.

Agree or Disagree? Leave your emotions in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out my Recipe Index to see what I’ve made with your favorite bottle of booze!

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coupe glass filled with winter rose cocktail made with Lairds Applejack Pomegranate juice and grenadine on a stone surface with pomegranate arils

golden apple cider, cake vodka and bitters shaken together into an Apple Cider Donut cocktail served in a frosty coupe glass with a slice of apple on a cinnamon sugar coated rim


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