Things to Make with Beer

I have a love-hate relationship with beer. As I ahem  get older I’ve found I enjoy it a lot more.

That could be changing tastes or it could be the drastic leap in beer quality. My highschool days were a sad mess of Natty Ice and Keystone Light (just don’t tell my mom).

These days I enjoy light, citrusy beers the most. If I’m buying it for myself I’ll usually grab a box of Blue Moon, especially the Mango Wheat. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sweetness with my booze.

pumpkin gingerbread baked with beer dusted with powdered sugar on a silver metal cake stand

I really like to bake with beer, on my other website I’ve shared a recipe for the best Pumpkin Gingerbread in the world made with Sam Adam’s Black Lager. If you like dark, sticky, spicy gingerbread you need to try it!