Shaken Cocktail Recipes

The main thing that got me interested in making cocktails at home was the desire for a cocktail shaker. I enjoy tiny rituals and filling up a shaker with ice and booze and extras then shaking the hell out of it is therapy to me.

silver cocktail shaker pouring rum, pineapple juice, midori, blue Curacao into a clear skull glass filled with crushed ice with two maraschino for eyes on a black surface

Shaking a drink serves a few purposes, it mixes everything up far better than stirring, it chills and dilutes your drink to a state of perfection. You can read all about that on my how to shake a drink tutorial.

Right now we’re gonna revisit all my shaken cocktail recipes. Probably 8 out of 10 times I make a drink I’m whipping out the shaker, the exceptions are hot drinks and simple drinks with carbonation.

Repeat after me: I Will Not Shake Carbonated Liquid

On to the recipes: