Fruity Cocktail Recipes

Fruit and booze go hand in hand. A lot of alcohol is made from fruit so it only makes sense. Fruity cocktails get their flavors from actual fruit, fruit liqueurs and fruit based alcohol like wine.

watermelon gin smash in a square rocks glass with a slice or watermelon and a sprig of mint

Fruity flavored cocktails might get a lot of shit for being girly but if anyone gives you a hard time dramatically slap them with a white glove and keep drinking!

Fruity cocktails do tend to lean to the sweeter side, and that makes them easy to drink. If you’ve ever downed a tropical cocktail like apple juice and then had trouble standing up you know what I mean.

strawberry wine sangria in a clear rounded glass with sliced of fresh strawberries on a green marbled tile

Be careful with these guys, they may look innocent but they pack a punch.

Fruity Cocktail Recipes